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Rules for Team Members

Welcome to lands_of_magic! The following is a brief, but hopefully thorough, guide to your time here. Of course, if you have any questions not answered in this guide, please feel free to contact any member of your Mod Team:

Owner/Mod/Winter Court Captain
» » MC/ inabsentialuci

Summer Court Captain
» » Erin/ erinm_4600

To be assigned to one of our teams (the_summercourt and the_wintercourt), you must fill out the survey HERE. You will usually be given your first choice of team unless the teams get wildly out of proportion. If there are any special circumstances (for example: you really, really want to be on the same team as an existing member), please make sure to mention it in the “Anything Else” section of the survey. When you’re accepted into the community, a mod will respond to your comment with some basic information, and you will be invited to join lands_of_magic and its sub-communities. Please do not attempt to join the comms; new members will only be accepted through the invitation system, so please be patient. If you have any issues at all with the application and acceptance procedure, please do not hesitate to contact the mods, either by responding to your original application comment thread or at this post.

As of Round 6, lands_of_magic will focus on fandoms pertaining to fantasy, science fiction, super heroes, and horror. Any media in which the main plot is driven by any of those genres is acceptable except for documentaries or reality programming (for example: Alien Autopsy, Ancient Aliens, Face Off, Ghost Hunters, etc). If something is usually categorized as a different genre (most usually comedy) but has a plot which revolves around fantasy, science fiction, super heroes, or horror, and would fall apart if those elements were eliminated, it is acceptable (for example: Ghostbusters, Galaxy Quest, Your Highness, The Devil's Advocate, The Haunted Mansion, etc).

» NO HARASSMENT: There is no call and no excuse for bullying, name calling, flaming another member's work, petty gossip, and general bad behavior. Any complaints will be investigated and dealt with on a case by case basis.

» NO FANDOM BASHING: This should be obvious since this community embraces all kinds of fantasy fandoms. Of course, there may be a series or characters that you do not like (and you are entitled to that opinion, naturally), but being rude and/or hurtful is never acceptable.

» SPOILER POLICY: Any posts containing references to the most recent episode of a television show must have warnings for spoilers and must be entirely contained within a spoiler cut until eight days after the episode’s first airing. Posts referencing new movies must have spoiler warnings until a month after its theatrical release. New books should be treated as spoilers until a month after their release dates.

» ADULT CONTENT POLICY: This community is rated as having adult themes, and is open to livejournal members 14 and older. All posts should be kept to about a PG-13 rating (MPAA Rating Guide HERE). Rules for fanworks will be posted in those sub-communities

Round 6 is scheduled to run from February 12, 2016- June 10, 2016, and we will have 20 challenges all together, most starting on Fridays. Most challenges will be open for at least a week (the voting phase of any contest will be open for at least 3 days), though some may last longer. All due dates will be given with the details of each individual challenge.

The point of lands_of_magic is a challenge community. The point of the challenges is to earn points for your team, and the team with the most points at the end of the round will win. There are several ways to earn points for your team:

» » Challenges (including promotion/referrals and points for voting in any contest)
» » Signature Tags. Signature tags are 300px by 150px graphic banners which have your name and your team on them. If you use one when submitting your entries, you’ll receive an extra point. Acceptable fandoms for sig tags can be found here.
» » Fanworks. An exciting aspect of lands_of_magic is our creative community, mount_helikon. Here, you may post- and receive points for fanworks you’ve created. mount_helikon has its own rules and points structure, so make sure to read the rules there before you post.

» » All work you submit for points must be entirely your own work. Refrain from manipulating other people's work, such as Tumblr graphics and gifs made by others, as source images for your work.
» » All of your work must be posted on Livejournal. Do not use other sites, such as Tumblr or Dreamwidth to post your entries to challenges.
» » Your challenge entries must be new and never posted before. Works in progress you complete in time for the challenge are okay as long as they have not been posted before anywhere online.

In between rounds, the mods will do a member cut based on participation. In order to escape the cut, all you have to do is participate in at least one points-earning activity per round. If you are aware that you will not be able to participate for an extended period (generally more than 2 months), please be sure to comment to the CONTACT YOUR MODS post HERE. This will let the mods and your team captain know that you intend on coming back, you just can't at the moment. It will also save you from being cut at the end of the round if you have not participated.

If you need to leave the community altogether, please comment to the same CONTACT YOUR MODS post. We will be sorry to see you go, but it is understandable that members will at some point choose to leave. If you ever wish to rejoin the community, simply comment at the Assignment post, and you will be readmitted.


» What size are signature tags?
300px wide by 150px wide. No one will be measuring, so 298x152 is no big deal, but anything noticeably different will not count.

» What images are acceptable on signature tags?
*Any fandom or character that falls into one of the genres listed above
*Stock pertaining to magic, fairy tales, space, the supernatural, the paranormal, science fiction, or horror
*Stock pertaining to nature, especially depicting our team names (Winter/Summer)
*Stock pertaining to "magical" holidays (Halloween, Christmas)

» Is there any special place I need to host my entries for challenges?
Every challenge will have its own instructions for submitting, but as far as hosting things like graphics, you are free to choose any site you like. Some people don't like Photobucket. Some people (like me) hate Imgur with the fire of a thousand suns. It's a personal preference. If a challenge calls for anonymity, we trust our members not to cheat and snoop on other people's image links. However, all posts you make for challenges must be posted on Livejournal. Please do not post anything on other sites, such as Tumblr or Dreamwidth.

» Are mods able to participate in/earn points in challenges?
Mods are able to participate and earn points in any challenge except those in which they have knowledge of the answers (ie, trivia, crosswords) or other challenges where they somehow have an unfair advantage. This will basically affect me since I write the challenges.

» What am I allowed to post in the main comm/my team comm/the_full_court/mount_helikon?
Posting in the main comm is limited to the mods. You will not have posting access there. Posts in your team comm are pretty much open, though they should focus on comm stuff mostly. the_full_court and mount_helikon have their own rules, so please make sure you check those out before posting.
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