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Creeper Jerk Alert

Hey, everyone! Since this is a community of creative people- and since I know at least one LOM member besides myself has been effected by this, I figured I'd share. There is a sleazy website,, that is ripping any public LJ entry with a tag of "fanfic," "fanfiction," or anything similar and posting it directly to their own website- conveniently neglecting to ask the original authors for permission and to credit the original authors in any way. It seems like Once Upon A Time is a fandom that this jerk-off has targeted specifically, so if this kind of stuff bothers you, I urge you to check out the site and then complain here. Since the authors are not credited, I'm comparing my fic journal to the website by the date since they're ripped usually the same day.

It's also important to note that ANY LJ entry tagged as fanfic is being posted there, so if you've posted about how you want to write something or some idea you had or even if the post was 90% personal and you threw in something about your fic (then tagged it "fic"), it's there, for everyone to see.

I hope you guys and your works haven't been violated, but just in case, be on the look out!
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